The Z Bar

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Add magnificience, beauty and grace to your cake. Take it to the next level (both literally and aesthetically)by employing these stunning and versatile cake spacers.These separators, which are essentially a replacement for a cake layer entirely, are put between your cake tiers and may be adorned in a variety of ways to give the appearance that your cake is floating. Our spacers and seperators are sturdy and strong and can support the heaviest of your creations while enhancing their beauty. The best part is they are versatile enough to be used as? cakestands for small cakes. They are made of powder coated carbon steel and has a base diameter of 8 inches, top diameter of 6 inches and height of 6 inches.

Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, dry and store in a cool dry place.

Washing under water, in dishwasher or using abrasive chemicals will damage the product.

These are hand crafted products and slight imperfections are to be expected.

Shipping in 2 working days.

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Powder-coated carbon steel


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